Thursday, January 24, 2008

FB ashamed of exponents of capitalism: Buddha, Jyoti

FB rues Buddha, Jyoti metamorphosis

KOLKATA, Jan. 22: The Forward Bloc finds Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's advocacy of capitalism “shameful” and his “metamorphosis” into an exponent of capitalism “something that defies understanding”.

The Left Front junior partner doesn't approve of Mr Jyoti Basu's vindication of the chief minister's stand that capitalism alone can make the state's industrialisation feasible. A special issue of its mouthpiece Lokmat brought out to mark Netaji's birth anniversary tomorrow said the Left Front has been in power for 30 years not to facilitate the sale of the Rs 1-lakh car but to propagate an ideology. Nearly 30 per cent of the people don't get two square meals a day, while the people in the rural areas don't dream of buying the small car, it stated.

“Once the ideology is diluted, elimination of socialism without bloodshed becomes possible as was the case in the erstwhile USSR. This is the USA's new policy. So, it becoming difficult to recognise Jyotibabu and Buddhababu, the Forward Bloc publication said. “We feel ashamed when the chief minister wonders whether we should ask investors to wait till we usher in socialism,” the Forward Bloc party organ stated, adding that ideology was more powerful than the barrel of the gun as it could mobilise millions of people and inspire them to face the gun.SNS

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