Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Now, RSP tells off big brother CPM

Now, RSP takes on Big Brother
Statesman News Service

KOLKATA, Feb. 13: The RSP today warned the state administration not to act in a manner so that the political agenda of one party of the ruling combine (read the CPI-M ) is fulfilled inflicting suffering on the people. Embarrassing the CPI-M further, RSP supporters marched towards Writers’ Buildings to lodge its protest against police “highhandedness” and firing during a democratic movement at Dinhata on 5 February killing five Forward Bloc activists, while a security personnel succumbed to his injuries sustained during the trouble. The widening rift in the LF over the CPI-M’s “Big Brotherly” attitude towards the junior partners and its monopoly of state power came out into the open when the FB called an unprecedented state bandh on 6 February that evoked widespread response; today, the RSP also held demonstrations during the day outside the offices of the administrative heads in 227 blocks in the state.

Mr Manoj Bhattacharjee, RSP central committee member, said the state police had for some time been behaving in such a way that violated the LF’s declared policy on how the administration was to tackle democratic movements. The Dinhata firing was a glaring example of the breach of that policy.

The RSP not only expressed solidarity with the FB which along with it has become vocal against the way the CPI-M has been running the state administration “unilaterally to suit its political interests”. The two LF constituents have already made it clear that they are opposed to the CPI-M’s policy of industrialisation through farm land acquisition, setting up SEZs and allowing big corporate houses to invest in retail chains that, according to them , would take away the livelihood of thousands of poor people in the state.

Mr Bhattacharya said the day’s agitation was organised to caution the administration not to clamp police-raj on the state.

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