Thursday, June 12, 2008

Karat goes to USA to strike a deal to throw the nuke deal into the dustbin? It takes dollars to travel to US, Comrade Karat.

Why does a guy who normally goes to Beijing for a commie tutorial go to USA just two days before approving the signing of the nuke deal?

Karat goes to USA to strike a deal to throw the nuke deal into the dustbin? It takes dollars to travel to US, Comrade Karat. There ain't no free lunch in America, they say, Karat.

Anyone prepared to take a non-dollar bet? The deal will be signed and delivered before announcing the Lok Sabha poll.


Publication:Economic Times Mumbai; Date:Jun 11, 2008; Section:Political Theatre; Page Number:2

Guess where comrade Karat is holidaying?

Our Political Bureau NEW DELHI

THE Communists here may be compulsive critics of George Bush but when it comes to holidaying, US is a preferred destination. CPM general secretary Prakash Karat, who spares no opportunity to lash out at the ‘Great Satan,’ is now chilling out in the Unites States.

To be fair to Mr Karat, he is not the first Indian revolutionary to vacation in the US. Former chief minister of West Bengal Jyoti Basu had to write that he was a Communist when he filled in his visa application for the US when he visited over a decade ago. However, the US has done away with that column in its application forms, which now do not seek details about the applicant’s political affiliations.

Mr Karat’s politburo colleague, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, was planning a visit to the US. But for past several months, problems have been raining for the Bengal chief minister, demanding his presence in the state. This forced a cancellation of the “advance team’s” visit as well. This team was supposed to be led by state commerce minister Nirupam Sen. Mr Karat and his wife Brinda Karat, who is also in the US, are understood to be visiting some relatives. Ms Karat had made a trip to the US last year for the launch of Shonali Bose’s film Amu in which the Marxist leader has a role. Incidentally, the parliamentary committee on women’s bill, of which Ms Karat is a member, is having its crucial meetings in New Delhi.

The CPM general secretary, who is learnt to have left for the US a day after the Manmohan Singh government announced the hike in fuel prices, is expected to return two days ahead of the meeting of the UPA-Left panel on the nuclear deal on June 18. The meeting is likely to witness the US-loathing Left rejecting the government’s plea to allow it to wrap up the India-specific safeguards agreement with the IAEA.

Soon after prices of petrol, diesel and LPG were increased, Left parties issued a statement criticising the government for the move and announcing a weeklong agitation. The CPM has been holding the US largely responsible for the global price rise situation and has not missed any opportunity to accuse the UPA government of succumbing to US pressure. The Left had protested president George Bush’s India visit, joint naval exercises and India’s vote against Iran.



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