Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Governor's intervention urged in Nandigram:

Governor's intervention urged in Nandigram

Narendra Ch 24 April 2008, Thursday

IN A memorandum submitted to the West Bengal governor, the forum expressed its deep concern about the series of incidents occurring in the state for the last few days. It said that Radharani Ari, a resident of Gokulnagar in Nandigram, has reportedly once again been gang-raped by the CPM goons on the night of April 18. The same lady was one of the victims of gang-rape of March 14, 2007 when the CPM hoodlums killed and raped innocent villagers of Nandigram to bring them under their control.

Ari has now been admitted to SSKM hospital along with two others – Sri Pratap Ari (husband of Ari) and Narmada Shit, both of whom were seriously wounded by the CPM hoodlums when they tried to protect Ari.

They allege that the local police played the role of mute spectators when the attacks took place.

It is also reported that the CPM activists and supporters coming from Khejuri and outside are continually attacking the members of the Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) threatening the villagers, ransacking their houses in order to create an atmosphere of panic before the panchayat polls.

Just after the attack, loot, arson and gang-rape on Ari, Mamata Bandyopadhyay, MP and leaders of some other political parties wanted to visit the village to console the tortured people. Their convoys were attacked by the CPM supporters in presence of the local police and the OC of Nandigram Police station (PS) at Gokulnagar on April 20.

It is also reported that the CPM activists and their henchmen continue to terrorise the opposition to obstruct their men to participate in the election process in a planned way, when the police administration act in favour of the miscreants in most cases.

Pressure is also being created on different cultural and performing groups and individuals whose performances the ruling party considers as contrary to its interests. On some occasions, they are prevented from showing their performances. The normal democratic right of expression is thus being curbed.

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