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CPM terrorists -- murderers in Kerala (Warning: pictures are gruesome).

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One more killed in Kerala political clashes
Kannur (Kerala), March 6 (IANS) Political clashes claimed one more life in this northern district of Kerala, taking the death toll to four in two days of violence. Mahesh, 33, an activist of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was hacked to death allegedly by Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) workers Thursday evening.

Mahesh, an autorickshaw driver, was attacked at Chittaripparambu, about 30 km from district headquarters. Aneesh Kumar, also a BJP activist, was also attacked in another incident at Kaitheri in the district.Three people were killed in clashes in Thalassery town following an attack on a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader.

The district has been a hotbed of political violence between the ruling Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and the BJP-RSS combine.Kannur district and the nearby Mahe, a region of union territory of Puducherry, observed a dawn-to-dusk general shutdown Thursday following a call given by the BJP-RSS and the CPI-M.

Communist Killing Squads roaming freely in Kannur
06/03/2008 13:15:08

Political terror reigned supreme in Kannur on Thursday for the second consecutive day with the murder of one more RSS worker Mahesh even as the people of the district, especially in Thalassery and Koothuparamba, spent a day in panic and anxiety amidst a total hartal called by the BJP-RSS and the CPI(M) after the three murders on Wednesday.

RSS activist Mahesh was hacked to death on Thursday at Chittaniparamba in Koothuparamba, the Assembly constituency represented by CPI(M)'s P Jayarajan, who is also the general manager of party organ Desabhimani. Another RSS activist Aneesh was admitted to the Indira Gandhi Hospital, Thalassery with serious hack injuries.

The killing and the attacks were allegedly carried out on the RSS workers by specially trained squad operated by the CPI(M). Reports said that such political terror troops were roaming the streets in various parts of the district.

It was alleged that such incidents indicated the silent support of the CPI(M)-led LDF Government to attack-teams with particular blessings from Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who was known for his association with violence in Kannur. The Minister had proudly announced in Thiruvananthapuram that four companies of police led by Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Jang Pangi were taking care of the security aspects in the area. Thursday's events proved the hollowness of this claim following the gruesomely violent attacks on the two RSS workers and other incidents of violence staged by CPI(M) men using the hartal as a screen. Houses of several RSS and BJP workers and leaders also had come under attacks by CPI(M) troops in Thalassewry and other areas on Thursday.

People in Thalassery and adjoining areas were confined to their houses on Thursday following the dawn-to-dusk hartal call of the CPI(M) and the BJP following the violent incidents in the area. While the BJP and the RSS had called for a hartal in the district following the killing of two of its workers and the gruesome attack on RSS leader MP Sumesh, the CPI(M) had called for a hartal in Thalassery Assembly constituency and Mahe and Pinarayi panchayats.

The hartal call had evoked a total response from the people of the area with no one venturing out of their houses and vehicles were also not seen on the roads. A group of CPI(M) workers attacked the residence of RSS activist Prakasan in Sankaramangalam in Kuthuparamba Assembly constituency. The police had to fire in the air to disperse crowds which were intent on creating problems.

The sounds of bomb explosions were heard throughout Thalassery area and the presence of huge contingent of police failed to deter the party troops from moving around and carrying out bomb attacks on political adversaries. People of Thalassery and Kuthuparamba were shell-shocked after Wednesday's violence and the presence of police had failed to restore people's confidence.

Thalassery has witnessed bloody political killings whenever the CPI(M) has assumed power in the past and according to observers, the cowardice of the party could well be gauged from the fact that once the UDF assumed power Kannur would turn peaceful as the police would act neutrally. With a person like Kodiyeri Balakrishnan remaining at the helm of Home Affairs in the State, the people would never have hopes of peace, observers say.

During the previous Nayanar regime, it was P Sasi, the present CPI(M) district secretary, who was said to be controlling the police as special secretary to then Chief Minister, who was holding Home portfolio as well. The police had then acted in a biased manner and there were several instances in which the residences of the RSS workers had been attacked by police officers like Thalassery DySP Koyilandi Balakrishnan.

BJP parliamentary team to visit Kannur

The CPI(M) terror violence in Kannur is becoming a national issue now as BJP center leaders strongly condemned the CPI(M)'s violence in Kannur and asked Central Government to send Central Forces to Kannur immediately. A team of BJP parliamentary board would visit Kannur very soon.

CPM rule contributes to violence in Kannur

07/03/2008 14:35:35 Pioneer News Service | Kannur

Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, CPI(M) MLA from Thalassery, which has been in the whirlpool of political terror for almost the past three decades, said the other day that all steps had been taken to restore peace in the area that saw brutal murders of six young men in two days. But people of Kannur district, who have witnessed such gruesome acts of violence for quite long and such statements from Ministers, are not ready to believe him. In a sense, they don't believe anybody when it comes to claims on restoration of peace.

Kuttappan (name not real) of Vadiyil Peedika, who has been driving buses and cars for the past 30 years in Thalassery area, is convinced that the opposing camps in the killing fields of Kannur will never realise the meaning of peace. "I have seen how they plan to kill people. I have seen how brutally they kill people. They don't look at the faces of the young men they kill. The killer and the killed are in most cases neighbours or even relatives," says Kuttappan.

Not all in Kannur think like Kuttappan. Ramesh (name not real) from the same place says he would blame the CPI(M) more than the RSS-BJP combine for the political history of murders of Kannur. "I have watched that Kannur, especially Thalassery and Koothuparambu, turn red with blood whenever the LDF headed by the CPI(M) comes to power. There is a clear link between power and violence in Kannur," he says.

"This has nothing to do with communism, class war or the so-called anti-communal sentiment. The basic cause of the recurring violence in Kannur is plain terror with which the CPI(M) wants to keep the area under its control. This rule-by-violence practice is in force there always, but it finds actual manifestation when the CPI(M) comes to power," Ramesh says.

Unbiased people of Kannur say that this could be the only place in the world where violence is not based on a cause. "There is no need for a reason for any murder or violence here. You will think violence erupts all by itself, and in almost all cases this is true also," said Mani from East Palayad.

Mani, who is a former DYFI activist, said the CPI(M) here, controlled by people like State secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, district secretary P Sasi, Koothuparambu MLA P Jayarajan, central committee member EP Jayarajan, etc, "all known for their affinity to violence", was finding its strength through violence.

"Every communist knows the meaning of liberated villages. But the concept has a different meaning in Kannur. Here, it means a village where the communists make bombs, conspire to attack adversaries and train for violence," said Mani.

People like Mani and Kuttappan say that there is no surprise if the BJP-RSS is gaining strength in this area. "The social repression practiced by the CPI(M) is so intense that anybody who does not like it will have to identify with some other force. Here it is mainly the BJP or RSS," Mani adds.

The general opinion is that whenever the CPI(M) comes to power, there will be hasty reshuffles in the police force here. The aim of this is to place trusted officers and personnel in Kannur. "Once this is done, it is easy for the comrades to take over the district," Ramesh says.

That the violent incidents are results of spontaneous reactions is absurd, people of Thalassery say. "My children are not into any political party," says Syamala, a mother of three, whose elder son is a computer professional in Tirur, Malappuram. "But I know at least half a dozen mothers who have lost their sons in violence in this Koothuparamba area alone. They were not killed in attacks by irate mobs. They were all killed in meticulously planned attacks. And in all the cases, the murders were committed by specially trained groups. But when the police come to arrest people, there will always be some "willing comrades" to go with them," said Syamala.

Leaders of other parties like the Congress and the Muslim League have been demanding strict action against such political terror gangs, "but the CPI(M) has succeeded in avoiding such crack-downs," says the mother

Thousands take out march to protest CPI(M) terror in Kannur

Thousands of RSS & BJP activists today took out a protest march to the Raj Bhavan against the killings of four Swayamsevaks by CPI(M) criminals in Thalassery in the last three days. Hindu organization leaders sought the Governor's immediate intervention in restoring peace in the district.

In a memorandum submitted to Governor R L Bhatia, RSS-BJP leaders stated that there was a conspiracy between the CPI(M)-led government and the police in protecting the culprits.

RSS Prantiya Saha Karyavahak N Shankar Ram and BJP state Secretary M T Ramesh led the protesters to Raj Bhavan.

They sought the intervention of the Governor in maintaining peace in Kannur district. The CBI should be asked to probe the role of senior CPI(M) leaders who had organised the crimes with the help of the police," the memorandum said.

The BJP will react strongly if the CPI(M) continued to stir violence in the area, it said.

CPI(M) terror : 30 houses destroyed, Hundreds of properties damaged

According to reports, more than thirty houses of RSS/BJP activists have been destroyed by CPI(M) criminals in Kannur district so far. Hundreds of properties including Schools, various Seva centers, Janmabhumi office etc. were destroyed. The terror attack is still going on across Kannur district.

Barely 48 hours since the Mahashivarathri celebrations, CPM has launched a killing spree, again against Sangh parivar workers. An unholy CPM-Police-hired killers nexus has pushed Thalasserry Taluk into a blood bath. Four Sangh workers have been killed in Taliban style within a tiny taluk called Thalasserry in Kannur district, that too within 48 hours, that is 5th March afternoon to 7th morning. Twelve Sangh workers are seriously injured and housed in intensive care unit.

The attacks are carried out by professional and well-trained assassins. It is clear from the modus operandi they resort too. Bodies of all the victims were seen beheaded. Serious cuts on hands and legs are common. The killers are imported from nearby taluks. They come in large numbers of 100 to 125 and attack the Sangh workers and their houses in the area. They do not even spare domestic animals. The valiant Sangh workers faced it with a smile, in an unparalleled determination. Because, they do not fight for their bread and butter, but the noble ideology which run in their blood, which they carry in light or dark, starve or food, thirst or drink.

Marxist Terror - Bomb attack on DYSP

CPM Criminals attacked DYSP Shoukath Ali , one of the rare officer known for his impartiality.

Yesterday when Shaukat Ali was preparing to raid CPM offices at Koothuparambu following the beheading of Swayamsevak Mahesh, He was called back to Thalassery at the last moment by ADGP Jang Pangi-A Marxist stooge for 'urgent discussions'.

Even though Shaukat Ali asked for permission to go ahead with the raids, it was denied. In another incident DYSP Shaukat Ali armed with an automatic weapon was about to enter the CPM Thaluk office at Thalasserry with a large police contingent was stopped at the behest of SP Sreejith and this was followed by a public altercation between the two. Shaukat Ali has been since transferred to Panur. And today he was attacked by the CPM Killing squad.

Kannur violence : RSS asked to remove ADGP

RSS state leadership has sought immediate intervention of Kerala governor to stop CPI(M) terror in Kannur. RSS has also demanded CBI enquiry in to the whole incidents and immediate removal of AGDP Jang Pangi due to his impartial behavior by ordering to target only Sangh Parivar activists and denial of action against CPI(M) criminals.

State Sponsored Terrorism in Kannur

Kannur: State sponsored Communist Terrorism is reigning the districts for last two days , leaving Three Swayamsevaks dead and Nine severely injured. Police were reduced to mere spectators when the criminals unleashed violence

Tributes paid

Hundreds of Nationalistic Hindus turned up to pay tributes to Nikhil and Santhosh. Their Bodies were cremated in their home. RSS and BJPState and District leaders attended.

Sought Governor's intervention

RSS leadership send fax message to Kerala Governor explaining the Government sponsored onesided terror happening in Kannur and requested urgent intervention. Law and order is completely derailed as the Home Minister's stand is completely biased and partial.

Thalassery-Leaders targetted

Bombs were hurled at BJP Mandalam president and Janmabhumi Thalassery Correspondent M.P. Gopalakrishnan's house on Thursday night. Bombs were hurled at the houses of BJP councillor N.Haridas and BJP Thalassery unit General secretary Poil Rameshan. Severe damages were reported.

Koothuparambu- Murder inspite of Police presence

Swayamsevak Mahesh was killed and Aneesh was severely wounded in Koothuparamba. The attacks were happened while there is a heavy contingent of Police in the area.Scores of Houses belonging to BJP sympathisers were torched. Bombs were hurled, House of BJP leader A.Rajan was destroyed and the family members were threatened

Marxist thugs destroyed the House of swayamsevak Sathyesh and family members were threatened. Houses of swayamsevaks Ramakrishnan , Govindan and Vinod were attacked with bombs. BJP sympathisers Raghavan, Jayan, Damu, Mohanan, Viswanathan, Manoj, Padmini, Sajeevan and Nidheesh were threatened and their houses attacked. House hold articles and appliances were dumped in the well.

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Atul said...



Regil said...

I hope u are well aware that both the parties are equally to blame.. haven't RSS supporters murdered people following the staunch leftist ideologies?
Do u think the people are dumb to believe that only one party has done all atrocities?
u may be a fanatic who thinks from your own party's ideology..but understand that it's the common man who suffers cos of the inhuman, dumb acts of violence that both continue as if to avenge a previous loss in a game..
and then there are people like u who try to glorify the RSS ..
Have a simple feeling... in common parlance termed "EMPATHY"... Try doing and writing something that denounces both from continuing the gory acts of bloodshed... don't be biased and do some good for the society... The media being within the reach of fingertips, none believe that it's one party alone that has done the brutal murders... both are cold blooded and ruthless assassins...

BKC said...

because They communist is not belong to India. I am fully agry with mr Atul CRUELEST PARTY OF INDIA.

CPI-M never like hindu religoius.
Why Prakash Karat , vrinda karat , Sonia gandhi, manmohan singh.why they are not appose this murder.

Nandan said...

First of all i want tell one main thing is that, Poor people are dying in this type of cruel murder's. their family is facing loneliness after that... CPM they are doing this because they have Power.This will end only when he people of kerala will think against them...

vishnu said...

for detailed vision of cpm attaks in kannur plz go through this blog.. http://www.blogs.ibibo.com/cpmkillkerala

sujay said...

CPI(M)..What the hell they think of themselves!!!!....what is going on????? What Mr.Manmohan Singh and Ms.Sonia Gandhi?? why r they not opposing these kind of cold-blooded murders??? Are they just seeing their happiness and thinking just about themselves???
I can just pray

"Dekh teri sansar ki halat kya
ho gayi bhagwan
kitna badal gaya insan...."

I sincerely pray to god on behalf of all my friends that god give great strength for the people of Nandigram to overcome this situation....!@!@!@!@!


Thank you for uploading these photos.All the best.

Healthcare news, views, all the Juice said...

Why don't we kill there people in turn if they kill 2 we should kill 4 then only this bloodshed will halt. Gone are the days when silence helps and bring peace. We have to slap those who slap us.

Anonymous said...

I guess this is the right time to promote Terror Tourism in Kerala.

I woul love to promote it on my website too

Will our tourism minister be willing to consider this option?

-Agni sharman

sajith said...

Recently, the RSS-BJP goons attacked CPI(M) central office, AKG Bhavan, in New Delhi and followed the dastardly act with other pre-planned attacks on the residence of the Karnataka Party state secretary, on Party offices in Dehradun and Kanyakumari, and the Sundarayya Vignana Kendram in Hyderabad. True to their tradition of goebbelsian propaganda, leaders of the RSS-BJP have justified their violent acts by pretending to be victims of CPI(M) violence in Kannur. However, nothing could be farther from the actual truth. Therefore it is important to keep the real facts regarding the violence in Kannur in sight in order to understand the unprovoked attack by the RSS on the CPI(M) in Kannur as well as in the rest of the country.

Contrary to the allegations by the RSS-BJP, the CPI(M) has not taken up arms against political rivals in Kannur district in Kerala. Rather it is the RSS, which has indulged in programmatic violence against the CPI(M) and has tried to keep a violent confrontation alive over the last several decades. During the 1970s itself the RSS chose the Thalassery taluk in Kannur district as a target for spreading their politics of hate and violence against the minorities and the communists. The choice of Thalassery was not accidental. Thalassery has large concentration of Muslim community and the RSS sought to foment communal trouble in the area. They orchestrated a communal riot in the region in 1972 by spreading rumours of Muslim attacks on temples and Hindu women. They planned to attack mosques in a big way. The CPI(M) played a determined role in resisting the attacks by RSS criminals and Comrade U K Kunhiraman sacrificed his life while guarding a mosque from RSS attack. The Justice Vithayathil's Report on the Thalassery riots recognised the role played by the CPI(M) in ensuring communal harmony and censured the RSS for 'rousing up' communal feelings and for 'preparing the background for the disturbances.' Since then, the RSS has been targeting the CPI(M) in the area as it was the only force that had shown the political-ideological and organisational resolve to resist and combat the fascist agenda of the Sangh outfit.

Due to its relentless struggles in defence of secularism and people's interest, the CPI(M) has consolidated as the biggest political force in Kannur district and commands the support of more than 60 per cent of the people living in the area. Different political parties and opposition organisations function in the area without any restraint. The CPI(M) had never initiated any political violence against them.


The RSS has certain limited pockets of influence in Kannur. It runs several RSS shakhas in those areas where training is provided in arms and criminal activity. Even children are imparted instructions in the use of deadly arms and indoctrinated in the politics of hate and intolerance from a tender age. The RSS has sustained its influence in area by indulging in two types of activities: entering into violent confrontation with the CPI(M) and fomenting communal trouble against the minorities. A total of 53 CPI(M) activists and sympathisers have been killed by the RSS in the district alone and hundreds injured or maimed.

In all this while, several efforts have been made by the CPI(M) and successive governments in Kerala to bring peace in the area. In 2000 and 2001, the RSS unleashed a series of attacks on CPI(M) leaders and cadre killing many in the violence. The then chief minister E K Nayanar initiated a peace process in 2001 and the CPI(M) declared unilaterally that it would not retaliate. Subsequently, the scale of violence went down. However, the RSS did not stop its criminal activities. In February 2002, CPI(M) members Asraf in Panoor and Muhammed Ismail in Peravoor were killed by the RSS goons. They also hurled bombs on a Nabi Day procession in Neerveli in Kuthuparamba constituency. They even tried to attack a mosque in Neerveli in March 2002. Muslim women were also attacked. In February 2005, CPI(M) member Renjith was killed in Kannapuram while in June 2006, Yaqoob from Meethle Punnad was killed. In the same year in Punnad, which falls in Peravoor assembly constituency, the RSS destroyed many Muslim houses to instigate communal violence. A total of 86 minority families were driven away from their homes. The incident began after the killing of an NDF activist by the RSS and which led to killing of a RSS leader in retaliation. The RSS used this to unleash a full-scale communal assault.

Many RSS activists, trained in criminal activities, left the RSS and joined the ranks of the mafia-money lender nexus in the district in order to become professional criminals or hired goons. In fact, it is this weakened organisational situation that has made the RSS resort to renewed violence against the CPI(M) in the recent past in order to motivate and consolidate its ranks behind it. The intensified murderous attacks on the CPI(M) over the last one-year have been designed as part of a conscious strategy to overcome their organisational crisis.

Intensified attacks since 2007
The RSS has increased its attacks on the CPI(M) since March 2007 as part of a deliberate and well-planned strategy. The incidents started when, state leaders of the BJP including O K Vasu and M T Ramesh openly declared in public meetings that they would kill CPI(M) leader P Hareendran, Panur area secretary of the CPI(M) and district committee member and proceeded with a bomb attack on him on March 29, 2007. Although Hareendran escaped the attack, he was targeted many more times and even his wife, Shaja Das was threatened with dire consequences while she was proceeding to her office. Again in March 2007, Babu, district secretary of barbers'association was attacked in his shop. On May 6, 2007, bombs were thrown on the houses of Anilkumar and Dhanesh, both members of the New Mahi local committee of the CPI(M). On the same day, the house of Rajesh, municipal councillor, was attacked and his family members injured. On May 17, 2007, two children, Nikhil and Jithin were attacked by a group of BJP workers and again on October 20. On May 19, 2007, C V Raghu and C V Vinodan, CPI(M) workers of New Mahi, were targeted in another attack. In the same month Pavitran, branch secretary of Muryad Chulli and Rijesh, Dhanesh and K Vasu were attacked. Although they escaped with minor injuries, those who accompanied them after discharge from the hospital, T Balakrishnan, CPI(M) local secretary of Koothuparambu, K Manoharan, local committee member, Vasu, member and Muhas, the auto-driver, were once again attacked seriously.

On June 14, Vinod, a milk supplier in Dharmadam panchayat, was attacked by these forces. He was paralyzed below his waist after the attack and is still bedridden. Kelallur Dhanesh, who was attacked by RSS workers on 23 June 2007, is still undergoing treatment. On August 16, 2007, the Tokkilangadi branch office of the Party was ransacked and P Shaija, the branch secretary was abused. The next day an attempt to attack the house of K P Rajan was foiled. On August 22, the house of Chandran, CPI(M) branch secretary in Chittaripparambu Poovathinkeezhil was attacked. On September 1, Ajesh, Baburaj and Shaji escaped a bomb attack. On September 13, RSS criminals beat up Shiju, a DYFI worker. On October 29, bombs were thrown on the house of Kanakan, CPI(M) Mannayad branch secretary. A wreath was also left in front of his house by the attackers.

On November 5, 2007, the RSS once again attacked and killed M K Sudheerkumar, near Thalassery Kavumbhagam School. Sudheer Kumar was a van driver and was taking children to school. He was killed brutally in front of students in his van. The very next day, November 6, Parayi Pavithran was attacked brutally and he succumbed to the injuries on November 9. On November 13 Dharmadakkaran Promod, CPI(M) branch secretary was attacked. A few days later, on November 19, Valsalan, another Party worker was injured in a bomb attack. On December 5, 2007, K P Vatsalan, CPI(M) Mahi branch secretary was attacked. On the same day, four more CPI(M) workers, Kathiroor Moonnammile Jess, Eranjoli Dinesh, Shijil Eruvatti Dhanesh and Thiruvangatt Mahesh were attacked in different incidents. The next day, on December 6, the RSS goons attacked CPI(M) workers participating in a local Party jatha of the Azhikkodu branch. On December 14, Dhanesh, a CPI(M) sympathizer was attacked and the Neerkadavu branch office was ransacked. A nearby shop run by Vilasini was also destroyed.

Peace Meeting Decisions violated

Peace efforts were again initiated by the district administration. The CPI(M) did not retaliate against these provocative attacks by the RSS and cooperated with the peace process of the district administration. On December 22, 2007, the Kannur district collector convened a peace meeting of all parties, including the RSS. However, the RSS violated the decision of the peace meeting and again stepped up its murderous attacks. Four days after the meeting, they attacked the house of Sachin, CPI(M) member in Thiruvangat. On January 6, 2008, RSS goons destroyed five auto-rickshaws of CPI(M) members and attacked CPI(M) activists who were traveling in a bus. On the same day a bomb was thrown at the house of A C Manoj, secretary of the CPI(M) Thalassery north local committee.

M Dhanesh at Azheekkodu Meenkunnu was attacked and killed on January 12, 2008. He was returning home on a bike with his friend after work at night. On January 18, the motorbike of Maroli Raghavan was destroyed. On the night of January 26, 2008, in Thalassery, K P Jijesh was attacked and killed while on his way back home from a marriage. On the next day the office of Kodiyeri Madappeetika south local committee and Party branch offices at Temple Gate, Mannayad and Pallur were destroyed. There were attacks against Christ College and City Centre in Thalassery. The attackers also set fire to the Dinesh Bhawan. On January 28, CPI(M) local committee office of Chavassery town was destroyed. Among the 13 attackers, the police could catch only eight. Party member Gay Kumar's home at Ayyam Kunnu, Mundamaparambil was also looted. The house of Biju, a Party worker from Patinjantamkutti, was attacked with a bomb. On March 5, Thalassery Illikkunnnu M P Renjith was chased and killed while he was driving his auto-rickshaw. Two days later on March 7, K Anish of Panur in Puthur was murdered in the early morning near his home. Thus, the RSS-BJP vandals have engineered six cold-blooded murders during the last four months.

In Poovathur, RSS criminals destroyed campaign boards erected as part of the Cheruvanchery Chandran day. CPI(M) flags raised as part of the Party state conference were torn. On February 12, 2008 Koothuparambu Ambilattu Bhaskaran, a Party member was brutally attacked. Posters threatening to murder CPI(M) workers appeared in Kothuparambu, Kinattinvida. Campaign boards made as part of the CPI(M) area conference were also destroyed. RSS workers going for Jayakrishnan Day threatened to kill P Jayarajan and Panoli Valsan. DYFI flags and notice boards were destroyed by the RSS in Thrikkodipoyil-Chemmarathil. Puthalath Surendran, who had joined the CPI(M) after leaving the BJP, was attacked. On January 1, during the Aazhi Pooja, weapons were captured from a jeep (No. 5819) at Kolayatt Venduttara. On February 24, 2008, RSS criminals attacked two CPI(M) workers during a temple festival. On March 6, 2008 Jyothi, a CPI(M) member was attacked. A day earlier on March 5, Jijesh of Gopalpetta was attacked. On March 8, Sharada, a CPI(M) sympathizer was attacked. On the same day another Party sympathizer Sameer, a head-load worker in Thalassery market and Riyaz, a sympathizer of Muslim League, were attacked and severely injured.

Role of the Media

The CPI(M) members, activists and sympathizers had to bear severe, brutal and continuing physical attacks by the RSS not only in Kannur but also in other pockets of the state. Obviously, the people became more vigilant and prepared to resist such attacks by RSS criminals. The rightwing media, both inside and outside the state, are consciously hiding the fact that it is the CPI(M) which is bearing the brunt of the attacks by the RSS. They have either ignored or underplayed all such attacks, including the killing of four comrades, maiming hundreds of activists, destroying the offices and the series of incidents mentioned above. The RSS is continuing with their one sided and unprovoked slaughter in the district. CPI(M) had never encouraged such killings, never imposed restrictions on the organisational freedom of any organisation, including the RSS.

Despite losing many of its workers to RSS violence, CPI(M) has continued to take the message of peace among the people. The mutual commitment to peace made on December 22, 2007 in the presence of the district collector was possible because of CPI(M)'s stand. It is the RSS which tore the peace pact apart by killing CPI(M) workers Meenkunnil Dhanesh on January 12, 2008 and Jijesh on January 26, 2008. Even then the Party tried to continue its commitment to peace process. The CPI(M) is open for any efforts for bilateral talks even after all the attacks on its activists. The party has always co-operated sincerely with the peace process. The CPI(M) had never initiated violence and will not do so in the future either. This fact is well known to the people of Kannur and that is why the vast majority of the people of the district have always extended strong support to the CPI(M) amidst all the rightwing malicious media campaign.

Aarif said...

yes they are doing, because they have gutts,

if rss bjp or enuch hindus have it then why they don't butcher cpm in other parts of country,
hindus are born coward, ask any hindu how to deal with terrorism & you will find your answer.

Kunal Jain said...

Eunuchs are those who hide and attack, if you have guts show your profile and come in the front. its not about hinduism and muslims its about humanity, people with your kind of mentality are responsible for this situation of the country.

Rishichandran said...

Cpm should change the word 'communist' from its name for it is no longer a party favoring the agriculturists nor the industrial workers. Now-a-days, it stand for the co-operative banks,co-operative hospitals, TV channels and vismaya water theme park. They do not know how to co-operate people for a common goal. They seperate people, kills them harass those who are not ready to do what they say. It is good that someone has taken initive to put these things to others' notice.

Shashank said...
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Shashank said...

RSS rocks and rules..........cpm is the most stupid party with dummmm people..............in next 5 years BJP will come to power in kerala for ever..cpm will be kicked out of india and the world.....JAI SRI RAM.......

Sasi said...

blody creep politics over kannur in last many more years......

Sasi said...


Sasi said...

bloddy politicians.......

Noufal said...



Noufal said...

RSS never come to kerela.because we are there in stongly. CPIM sagakkal

shaniba said...

Concress karaaaa ravile concressum sooryan asthamichal RSS avunna nigal,,
CPM nttee pravarthakare vetti konnu avarude foto kanichal chilappol ninne pole thantha illathavar ithu vishvasikkum.....

ithilum nallath nitte wifene mattullavarkk kaycha veppich athintte foto add cheyyooo

nithin kannan said...

in KANNUR CPM is everything. our life is dedicated for CPM

johan kill said...

first here who stand for cpm? all people stand for cpm are muslim or anti hindu.all people who stand for cpm are hate india and love china.they also feel that china is their motherland.mao is god for them.so it is clear that all this people cpm supporter just like agent of china.so why we here and trust on this people????second cpm write many art in which cpm use offensive word again ram and many hindu god.but why they never use this type of word for muhmmad and for other islamic religion leader???next question all cpm never obtaine support from common people they maintain there grip on state by killing opposition leader both congress,bjp,muslim league.and fresh incident in bengal nandi gram??cpm cadre kill many poor farmer child,women...and muslim who support cpm what you think?????this cpm use muslim again Hindu.cpm fabricated fake story and misled common muslim ..so i apple all my friend and all hindu,muslim and all indian that we are indian and we never support this pro chines party cpm

Vikaas said...

The pis showed above are not RSS activists.. Two of them are CPI(M) activists killed by RSS... These killer politics started in Kannur before long years back... Better all the political parties join and sit for a meeting and discuss these sort of issues and please find an appropriate solution for this.. In last 40 days 5 CPI(M)activists has been murdered by RSS... Please act..

Anonymous said...

The history of these killings goes back to 1972 Thalassery Communal Riot which orchestrated by RSS fascists. They wanted to kill Muslims and demolish their homes,Mosques..but CPI(M) doesn't allow that.RSS killed Comrade U.K.Kunji Raman and the rivalry starts between RSS and CPI(M).

Justice Vithayathil Commission has found RSS was Organized the communal riots.


red salute

Chaddha Singh said...

Communists are a dying breed they thrive on human sufferings use of arms and when in power they are more corrupt,brutal than any other regime on Earth.The so called beacon of communism CHINA has already turned towards state controlled CAPITALISM,it won't be long enough when the last of the surviving red faggots will be extinct like DODO.

Aadarsh Nagrik said...

Namastey - Waheguru Satnam - Asalam Walaikkam.
Just a few days ago another Swayem sevak has been kiiled brutally just because he was a suspect for a attempted murder against a CPM Leader. So why was he killed now for a case that was registered in 1999. Leave all this aside saying that during the 70's CPM defended the muslims against the RSS attack. Tell me apart from Kerala which other state oposes RSS. RSS yes, I am a swayemsevak - A Nationalist Hindu. Mujay garv hai ki mai Hindu hun. CPM is scared that they are loosing ground in Kerala. A time was there when people like Varghese did sacrifice his life for the poor and the needy. Now Kerala claims to be 100% literate but the thinking of some of them are same. So why is CPI activists not attacked by RSS or BJP? Why a IUML guy can freely do his work. Why it is only CPIM who is under attack. Congress as such is spineless.....in the morning they are Congress and in the night they take shelter behind a RSS/BJP fort. CPM Volunteers Come out of Kerala and see how welcome are your rotten ideologies. There was a time when the CPM used to hold posters of Lenin/Marx and all other Communist leaders.....but never Saheed Bhagat Singh,...... but now suddenly for the past three years we can see posters of Shaheed Bhagat Singh on DYFI (Dead Youth Federation of India). CPM has done a lot for the poor but then they exploit them, this is the fact. I strongly condemm any political/religious killing. Work towards the betterment of the country. Believe in your ideology but don't force it upon the innocent people. Vande Mataram

Aadarsh Nagrik said...

If RSS/BJP are murderers what is CPM???? Butchers, I was just going through the history of History of CPM, strange, Sri.M V Raghavan was a very close aide of Sri.Pinarayi Vijayam (Present Gen.Secretary if I am not wrong), the CPM even tried to kill Sri.M V Ragavan, why??? because of fear. All you CPM Comrades,go to Saudi for a year and when you come back you will be converted to a BJP. Saying that RSS has a muslim sector called the Muslim Rashtra Manch, who practice their religion go to mosque and offer their five time Namaz but hold their birth place the nation first and foremost. The driver of Netaji (Subash Chandra bose) CPM may not know who Netaji is apart from Lenin or Karl Marx. so the driver of Netaji was a Muslim Sri.Nizzammuddin, people like Owaisi (Hyderabad - Indian Traitor) may not even know him, but RSS has strongly recommended Sri.Nizzumaddin ji's name for being recogonised as a freedom fighter. Sri. Nizzumadin now more than 110 yrs. old from Azamgrah was a close associate of Netaji. CPM's contribution towards the uprise against the British is well known (They never cooperated). The CPM lives on the blood and flesh of the poor, the poor headloaders, the poor people making Beedis, the labour class, the farmers and if one comerade leaves them and joins RSS or BJP they make his and his families life hell. CPM comrades are attached to Party due to fear and not because they are attracted towards the ideologies. I have Muslim friends and colleagues and I make sure that I greet them with 'Asalam Walaikkam' a sikh with Waheguru Satnam - but our voice is One Vande Mataram - Vande Mataram. I have seen the Keral Prant sanghik of 2012 Oh my God 1.5 Lakhs of Swayemsevaks.......Bravo. CPM has coppied the RSS and made the 'Red Comrade' well atleast they copied something from RSS....now please copy our Shakha discipline also. Noufel & Aarif - Asalam Walaikkam, your comments are very provoking - May Almighty allah bless you with better thinking and brain' we respect your beliefs - but don't think that we will tolerate your nonsense. Jai Bhavaani - Veer Shivaji; Jai Maharashtra - Vande Mataram

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