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CPM reign of terror

CPM reign of terror

V SUNDARAM | Mon, 17 Mar, 2008 , 03:15 PM
All the battered, shattered and terrorised Hindus of India should rally behind Mohan Bhagwat Ji who has heroically spoken against Communist State-sponsored, State-directed, State-controlled, State-supervised and State-coordinated Hindu Genocide in Kannur district and many other parts of Kerala today.

According to RSS estimates, 125 of its members have lost their lives and more than 800 have been badly injured by CPI (M) cadre in the past few years. He has made it clear to the CPI (M) cadres in Kerala that the RSS would not remain quiet and silent when RSS Swayamsevaks and other Hindu volunteers get slaughtered or killed or maimed on a day today basis in Kannur District in Kerala. (Editor’s note: This photo, along with several others that of the killings in Kerala that we have in our possession, are gory. Despite its potential to create a macabre sense of revulsion, we carry this sample photo to drive home the state of violence in Kerala today).

Justice V Ramkumar of the Kerala High Court covered himself with everlasting glory when he observed recently during the course of his judicial review in the High Court: ‘The only solution to end the violence in Kannur district seems to be a timely intervention by the Union government by deploying sufficient forces that will not yield to the political or plutocratic clout by those in powers and out of power’.I hope there would be a gubernatorial move to apprise the Central government of the urgent need for a permanent prophylactic action to curb further bloodshed and killings in Kannur district where manslaughter is a competing sport.

Justice V Ramkumar made these observations while ordering an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the murder of Muhammed Fasal, a National Development Front (NDF) worker in Thalassery. The petitioner, Mariyu, alleged that her husband was murdered by Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) activists because he had defected to the NDF from the party.

The Kerala High Court said that there had not been any intelligent investigation into the case. The court observed that ‘all-party peace missions are nothing but a hoax to hoodwink the fickle-minded public.’ Past lessons only showed that restoration of peace and harmony was only ‘an evanescent episode invariably followed by a history of repeated violence and vindictive vandalism.’ No serious concern appears to have been shown to this man-made holocaust in which the breadwinners of several families had been ‘slain to death, driving the widows and children literally to the streets. Kannur district, particularly Thalassery, has, over the years, become the hotbed of political violence and carnage of the worst order. All political parties there seem to freely indulge in the cult of violence.’

It is a fact that the large- scale killing of Hindu office-bearers and members belonging to the BJP, RSS, Vishuva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and other Hindu outfits in Kerala is being carefully directed by the CPI (M) politburo in New Delhi. The political murderers from the CPI (M) ideologically behind the Hindu genocide in Kerala can be named in this order - Chief Minister Achudhanandam, Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Kerala CPI (M) secretary Pinarayi Vijayan, Prakash Karat, Yechury, Brinda Karat. All of them seem to think that they can put Stalin’s record of planned purges in Russia in the 1920s, 1930s and above all Mao Tse Tung’s massive programme of guided genocide in China in the 1950s and 1960s to everlasting shame.

President of the Janata Party, former Union Minister of Law and Commerce and fighter for several worthy public causes Dr. Subramanian Swamy told me during the course of my recent interview with him: ‘Let the anti-Hindu forces from Sonia Congress and CPI (M) know that the time has come when they can no longer take for granted that the RSS, VHP and other cadres belonging to Hindu outfits and Hindu organisations will remain mute and peacefully silent allowing themselves to be killed like helpless cows and goats in an abattoir.’.

When RSS and Hindu volunteers get killed on a daily basis in Kannur District in Kerala, our Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil continues to remain in a state of self-chosen, if not Sonia-driven, pseudo-secular coma. In a shameless manner, he said: ‘Criminal cases will be registered against attackers’.

He did not have the political decency or official rectitude of a Union Home Minister to instruct the government of Kerala that immediate action must be taken against those CPI (M) men who are letting loose a programme of Hindu genocide in Kerala today.

L K Advani, Leader of the Opposition, Lok Sabha, has sought immediate intervention by the Centre to put an end to the unabated violence unleashed by CPM stormtroopers against the BJP / RSS workers in Kerala. Advani has taken up the issue with the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil.

Five BJP /RSS workers have been hacked to death by the CPM goons since the afternoon of 5 March, 2008. M P Sumesh, a respected RSS worker, was attacked when he emerged out of a hotel in Tellicherry town after having lunch. He has suffered multiple injuries on his legs, hands, face and head. He is in the Intensive Care Unit of Medical College Hospital, Calicut. The following day two more workers Nikhil, a lorry cleaner, and Satyan, a construction worker, were killed in separate incidents. Nikhil was pulled out off his lorry and killed on the spot. Satyan was abducted from his work site and later his body was found with his head severed on a few kilometers away. It appears that CPM has trained its killer squads to kill political opponents in the most barbarous manner so that those differing from CPI (M) are terrified and put to death. In two separate incidents two more workers, Vinayan and Shri Ranjit were attacked and are admitted in Medical College Hospital, Calicut.

There is a continuing reign (Marxist rain!) of terror in Kannur District in Kerala where the CPI (M) cadres are running riot with murder and much worse.
I am giving below some recent instances of violence by CPI (M) cadres.
• 3rd Nov., 2007 – Sherin was attacked at Tellicherry. Suffered grievous injuries on his hands and legs.
• 4th Nov. 2007 – Biju and Jithu were attacked at Tellicherry. Biju has become partially invalid as his legs have become immobile. Due to the injury on his head he is still in hospital. His three fingures of the hand and one of the leg was cut off.
• 5th Nov. 2007 – Shaji, a three wheeler driver was attacked. He has lost his capacity to speak.
• 15th Dec 2007 – Lajeesh, a Mandal Karyvah was attacked and injured in Tellicherry
• 15th Feb 2008 – Ramesh Babu was attacked in Tellicherry. He has injuries on his neck.
• 29th Feb 2008 – Shijith and Satish were attacked in Tellicherry
Such violent incidents have taken place in some other parts of Kerala State as well. On 14 Feb 2008, the house of Sivan, in Alleppey was set fire at midnight with the aim of burning the entire family alive. On 28 Feb 2008, Shri Sanoop, ABVP worker and College Union Chairman of SriKrishna College, Guruvayur was attacked in the college when he was attending the examination. He lost his eye in the attack. Incidentally, this is a College where the SFI doesn’t allow anybody else to file nomination. This year only one candidate filed the nomination and he was elected!

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at the highest level, after carefully deliberating upon the attack that is being let loose by CPI (M) in Kannur District in Kerala, has condemned the Kerala Government for its failure to protect the lives and property of Hindus in Kerala.

Mohanrao Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah of the RSS, has issued the following statement on the ongoing violence in Kannur District in Kerala:

‘Five RSS activists have been killed and scores grievously injured in renewed attacks by the CPM cadres since 5 March 2008 in the North Kerala district of Kannur. Houses of more than 40 Swayamsevaks have been destroyed in this violence.

‘It is claimed that the Communist Party of Kerala was formed in Pinarayi in Kannur district and the Party considers this district as its bastion. The RSS work was started in 1943 in this district and continued peacefully for more than 25 years. Many CPM workers were attracted to the RSS work and joined in large numbers. However, unable to tolerate its growing strength the CPM resorted to murder politics since 1969. Sri Ramakrishnan, a daily wage earner and the Mukhyashikshak of Thalassery (Vadikkal) who faced the Communist terrorism courageously and started several Shakas in and around Thalassery, became their first victim and was brutally killed in 1969. Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, present State Secretary of CPM who hails from this District, was one of the main accused in that murder case. The present Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, who also hails from this District, was an accused in the murder of another Swayamsevak Sri Karimbil Satheesan.

‘So far more than 60 Swayamsevaks have been killed by the CPM in this district alone. Even aged women were also not spared. On May 22, 2002 Smt. Ammu Amma (72 years) was killed in a bomb attack by CPI (M) workers while she was returning in a jeep after attending the funeral of a Swayamsevak Sri Uthaman, who was killed in the CPI (M) attack the previous day.
Peace Efforts
‘The RSS had all along welcomed and supported all peace efforts. In order to avoid further violence, the founder of the BMS, Sri Dattopant Thengidi and Sri P. Parameswaran, the Director of Deendayal Research Institute, Delhi had discussions with Communist stalwarts like EMS Namboodripad and Ramamurthy in Delhi. The leaders of the RSS and the CPM had similar discussions in Kerala too. But before the ink on the peace declaration dried up, there were unprovoked attacks on RSS cadres. Committed to maintaining peace the RSS had agreed to sit with the CPI (M) leaders again and sign a document for peace in 1999 at the initiative of the highly respected Justice V R Krishna Iyer and the then Chief Minister E K Nayanar. However, just two days after this initiative, the CPI (M) cadres attacked the State Vice President of BJYM Sri Jayakrishnan Master and murdered him in a most gruesome manner in front of small children in his class room. Peace conferences became totally ineffective with no positive result whatsoever.

‘But for several years, despite serious provocation the RSS stuck to its commitment of maintaining peace and never retaliated. However it resulted in losing a number of good activists only while the CPI (M) became more brutal. Whenever they are in power in the State, their brutality crosses all limits with the help of obliging Government machinery.

‘The latest killing spree that started in March claimed the lives of 5 Swayamsevaks so far. On March 5 (Sivarathri day) Sri Sumesh, Thalassery Taluk Sharirik Shikshan Pramukh was attacked near Thalassery town. He lost his left hand and is still in Intensive Care Unit. Sri Sumesh always used to represent Sangh in the peace conferences. On the same day a Swayamsevak Nikhil (22), a lorry driver and the sole bread winner of a poor family was killed. Another Swayamsevak, Sri Sathyan, a mason, was virtually dragged away from his work place and beheaded. His headless body was thrown by the wayside near his house. On the very next day i.e. on March 6, 2008 Sri Mahesh of Kuthuparamba was hacked to death. His head was also severed off. Again on the next day i.e. March 7, 2008 Sri Suresh Babu of Kodiyeri and Sri K.V.Surendran (65) of Illathuthazha were brutally assassinated. Thus within 3 days 5 young lives belonging to the working class were taken away. More than a dozen youths have been maimed and become handicapped.

‘Honest Police officers were never tolerated. On Jan 12, 2008, one CPM worker Sri Dhanesh was killed by some unknown miscreants. The CPI (M) accused the RSS, but the Deputy Superintendent of Police in charge of the investigation Sri Habeeb Rahman categorically stated that RSS was not at all involved in this murder. Immediately afterwards that upright officer was transferred from the District. On January 26, 2008, one notorious criminal Jijesh was killed. His nickname ‘Veerappan’ itself reveals his nature. Again CPM blamed Sangh. In both the cases the RSS District leadership had promptly rebutted the charges in press conferences. Deputy Superintendent of Police Sri Manoj Abraham after investigation stated that NDF (a Muslim extremist organization) was involved in it and RSS was innocent. Again that no-nonsense officer was also transferred summarily.

‘There is a virtual ban on Sangh shakhas by the CPI (M) in the areas of their dominance in Kannur. The basic right to conduct organization work is being denied not only to the RSS but to all other political parties including Congress and CPI. Examples are so many.

‘The shakha at Engayilpeedika at Kodiyeri, the home-town of State Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, was attacked and disallowed to function by Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s nephew and his henchmen 8 years ago. Since then repeated attempts to restart the shakha there have been foiled by the CPI (M) cadres. The CPI (M) is also enforcing a code- a kind of Section 144 - applicable to Swayamsevaks in that village. If they want to live there they should not meet or even sit together. They should walk around or travel alone. They should not be seen in public when the Home Minister visits the area. The fate of the shakha at Kodiyeri is not an isolated one. There are up to 50 places in Kannur where the Sangh is not allowed to hold shakhas. Any attempt to ‘violate’ this ban would be met with brutal force.

‘Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee President Ramesh Chennitahla during the last elections had brought out a report in which he cited that in 265 booths in Kannur District no party agent except that of the CPI (M) was allowed to sit.

‘It is noteworthy that the judiciary has, on several occasions, reprimanded the State Police for not preventing such human rights abuses by the CPI (M) cadres in Kannur. Particularly scathing were the observations of the High Court a couple of days ago, which openly said that only the presence of Central Forces can restore normalcy in the region.

‘It is to highlight these acts of Stalinism and fascism of the CPI (M) that some members of the RSS and other organisations including a large number of women spontaneously marched in a peaceful manner to the CPI (M) Head Quarters in Delhi. Betraying their Nandigram-style intolerance the CPI (M) cadres repeated what they have been doing in Kannur – attacked the peaceful demonstrators with brickbats and chairs – resulting in unfortunate violence on the Delhi streets.

‘I appeal to all the right-thinking and peace-loving citizens of the country to raise their voice against this fascist and Stalinist face of the CPI (M) in the larger interest of our democracy and freedom. I call upon the RSS Swayamsevaks allover the country to stand by our Swayamsevak brethren who have become victims of the brutalities of the CPI (M) and expose the true nature and face of it which has no place in a country with such a hoary tradition of tolerance and pluralistic ethic.

‘As far as the RSS in Kerala is concerned, it would zealously guard its Constitutional right of freedom of expression, association and propagation.

I am of the view that the ambushed Hindus of Kerala have to learn to unite in order to wage a political war against the monstrous tyranny of CPI (M), never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of known Communist Crimes.
Thu, 20 Mar, 2008 , 03:33 PM
Statistics clearly indicate that Kerala is witnessing an un precedented rise in the rate of crime and violence during the last three or four years. We have a Home Minister in Kerala Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who was once charged with the murder of a Swayamsevak from the RSS.

Likewise Kerala CPI- (M) general secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has a similar record of political crimes let loose against the RSS, VHP and other Hindu outfits. There is no doubt whatsoever that these two political partymen are in collusion with terrorists in Kerala in general and Kannur district in particular.

Anyone can see that there is a steadily rising upward trend in crimes like rape, armed dacoity, robbery, aggravated assault, larceny, homicide, kidnapping, drug trafficking and contract murders.

What is most disturbing to note is that there is an increasing incidence of politically motivated murder, violent crime and terrorist bombing. Another important point to be noted is that the actual incidence of crime against women and children is higher than the number of recorded crimes reported to the police.

Further there is continued and extended political patronage to black money launderers, illegal drug traffickers, flesh traders and explosive marketers. Drunken and often violent hooliganism has become a standard feature of night life in most towns and cities.

Dr Babu Suseelan rightly concludes: ‘There is a standard black market in Kerala for illegal drugs, illicit liquor, explosives and counterfeit money. Criminal gangs and loan sharks prowl the streets and they settle disputes with violence, kidnapping and murder.’

What has brought about this massive, ugly, and ever-expanding phenomenon of increasing criminalisation? The ruthless process of uncontrolled forces let loose by the domain of globalisation has fundamentally altered and transformed the context in which criminal organisations operate.

Anyone can see that organised criminal gangs fully backed and financed by Pakistan ISI and smugglers from the Middle-East, illicit money launderers and Jihadis have multiplied their wealth and power in Kerala under the political hegemony and open patronage of the ruling CPI (M).

What is even most disturbing is that more and more Hindu activists belonging to the RSS and the VHP are getting killed by CPI (M) activists almost everyday operating in continuous criminal collusion with fanatics belonging to different political outfits, particularly in Kannur district. Murdering and beheading of several innocent Hindus and Hindu activists has become a daily feature during the last two months.

A few years ago, the government of Kerala ordered a judicial enquiry by Justice Thomas P Joseph, District and Sessions Judge in Calicut to enquire into the acts of terrorism in Malapuram district. Much to the discomfiture of major political parties in the State, the Joseph Commission, which was set up to inquire into the circumstances that led to the second Marad killings in May 2003, turned the spotlight on the facts and circumstances of the 2002 killings.

The report emphasised what political Kerala already knew very well but had tried to ignore the fact that the Marad killings in January 2002 were the result of continued alliance of political interests and other vested interests.

The Joseph Commission concluded that the delay in filing charge-sheets in that case was subsequently utilised by ‘fundamentalists, terrorists and other forces’ to capitalise on the grievance of relatives of three killed and to use it as a cause for vengeance against Hindus of Marad as a whole. Justice Thomas P Joseph said, ‘The inquiry by the State Crime Branch CID (CB-CID) into the May 2003 incident had failed to unravel the ‘larger conspiracy’ and the sources of the large cache of arms and ammunition unearthed subsequently in the area and of the sizable funds used in the planning and execution of the murders.’

The Commission’s main recommendation, was a further inquiry, involving the Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) into the ‘larger conspiracy’ involving fundamentalist and other forces, and into the source of the explosives and funds that the CB-CID ‘failed or refused’ to investigate an act that the commission described as ‘quite suspicious and disturbing.’ Finally the Commission said ’There is an urgent and imperative public need to inquire into the involvement of Inter-State terrorist groups and the involvement of foreign terrorist agencies like the ISI.’

To summarise in the words of Dr Babu Suseelan once again: ‘This increased criminal activity in Kerala is based on a continuing symbiotic relationship between criminal gangs, government agencies and politicians. Their ability to bribe and corrupt political leaders, law enforcement agencies and media persons is enormous. Crime syndicates operating in Kerala have established safe havens in Dubai and Karachi where the governments are hostile to the Indian democratic State.’

Against this background, let me now get back to the current ongoing reign of terror in Kannur district. The RSS leaders in Kerala have sent a detailed memorandum to Kerala Governor giving details about the rule of terror and requested him to intervene immediately to ensure the impartial enforcement of law and order which has been completely derailed on account of the completely biased, prejudiced and partial functioning of Kerala Home Minister.

I would like to refer to another interesting aside in this context: The inaugural session of the State CPI (M) conference at TK Ramakrishnan Nagar (Maman Mappila Memorial Hall) in Kottayam, central Kerala, was attended by over 500 delegates. At this venue, having failed in his recent attempts to discipline his warring comrades, CPI (M) general secretary Prakash Karat for the first time got mobile jammers installed at the venue of the party’s 19th State conference to prevent rival factions from leaking out the deliberations to the outside world.

Karat who addressed the closed-door meeting at the outset warned fellow comrades of ‘dire consequences’ if anyone leaked the deliberations, sources said. His 110-minute speech in English was translated by Education Minister M Baby. Hindus of India should unite against this planned pogrom against them.

As a practising Hindu, I am shocked beyond words to note that the Marxist government in Kerala has made a recommendation to the Supreme Court of India to permanently alter the Sabarimala Temple’s traditional practices, women’s dress code and temple rituals.

These concepts and policies are straight out of the communist manifesto wrapped in the rhetoric of women’s rights and equality and freedom. Couched under the phrases ‘for the common good’, ‘feminist empowerment’ and ‘freedom for women’, Marxists are trying to erase our spiritual practices, ethics and family values by persuading women in the name of liberty and empowerment to abandon traditional culture.

To quote the brilliant words of Babu Suseelan in this context: ‘Marxists and their cohorts are relatively clear what they want to achieve in India. They want the destruction of Hindu civilisation and establishment of a proletariat Marxist State. For the last 75 years, Marxists are working hard to realise their misguided and dangerous goals through positive sounding slogans such as ‘inclusion’, ‘human rights’, ‘feminist empowerment’, ‘classless society’, and ‘women’s rights’.

With these positive sounding words, Marxists call for the destruction, in every possible way to deconstruct Hindu thoughts and to bring down the Hindu culture.
I have not doubt that the Hindus of India will unite and teach a lasting lesson to persons like Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Pinarayi Vijayan, Prakash Karat and Yechuri.

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