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God's own country run by godless goons is a hell for non-CPM partypeople

God's own country a hell for non-Commies

The other voice: J Nandakumar | RSS leader, Kerala

Kannur, and to some extent Thalassery, are names of districts in Kerala which have become part of India's infamy as a flawed democracy. In the latest round of bloodletting, seven lives have been lost within a span of three days. The ominous signs of the impending disaster were discernible as early as November 2007, when four RSS workers -- Sherin, Biju, Jithu and Shaji -- were brutally attacked over a three day period between November 3 and 5. Their assailants were the CPI(M) cadre and the only provocation they could possibly offer was the fact that they were RSS activists.

Biju, whose legs got paralysed in the attack, also suffered grievous injuries on his head. Three fingers of his left hand were cut off. He is still in hospital in a critical condition. Jithu has lost his eye sight, whereas Shaji is unable to talk, as his vocal cord has been ruptured.

Matters did not end there. Lajesh, a Mandal Karyavah of the Sangh, was attacked at Thalassery on December 15, 2007, causing him multiple injuries. Also, on February 15, 2008, Ramesh Babu, a swayamsevak, was attacked at Thalassery itself, in which he got severe neck injuries. On February 29, Sajith and Satish, two other swayamsevaks, were attacked at Thalassery on February 29, 2008.

On March 5, MP Sumesh, the Thalassery taluk Sharirik Sikshan Pramukh of the Sangh, was brutally attacked at about 2.45 pm when he was emerging from a hotel after having his lunch. In the attack, Suresh, a popular worker of the Sangh, received multiple injuries on his legs, hands, face and head. He is still battling for his life in the Intensive Care Unit at the Calicut Medical College Hospital.

The very next day, two other Sangh workers, Nikhil, a lorry cleaner, and Sathyan, a construction worker, were killed in separate attacks. Nikhil, who was in his truck, was pulled out and killed on the spot. Sathyan, who was at his work site, was forcibly carried to an unknown place and decapitated and his torso was dumped at a distance from his house.

The very next day, Mahesh, a BJP worker, was hacked to death while he was standing in front of a shop at his native village, Chittariparamba. Mahesh was a former CPI(M) cadre who joined the Sangh in 2004 and, as a result, to wreck vengeance on him, his house was totally demolished by the party cadre and the swayamsevaks rebuilt it.

On March 7, Suresh Babu, yet another Sangh worker, was killed in his own house. The CPI(M) cadre, who barged into his house in the dead of the night, hacked him to death after dragging him out of the house. Apart from this, two other Sangh workers, Aneesh and Dineshan, were brutally attacked on March 6, 2008 and are in the Calicut Medical College Hospital in a critical condition.

As an ideology, Marxism is totally intolerant and is opposed to any form of pluralism. To the CPI(M) murder is a signature tune. In West Bengal, more than 20,000 people have been killed by the CPI(M) since 1977. In Kerala, especially in Kannur district, the The CPI(M) has exclusive "party villages", where they never tolerate any other ideology or thought processes to either to take root or to flourish. During the latest discussion held with the Home Minister, the Sangh leaders had identified some 35 places, which includes his own village, Kodiyeri, where Sangh sakhas could not be held because of the highhandedness of the party cadre.

At Kodiyeri, a set of former party cadre joined the Sangh and started a sakha there under the leadership of Moozhikara Preman in 2007. Before long, Preman was murdered only for this reason. Soman, a nephew of the Home Minister, is the branch secretary of the CPI(M) at Kodiyeri. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan incidentally belongs to the Nambiar caste. However, the swayamsevaks at his native village belong to the so-called lower caste. And Soman, in his wisdom, has chosen to promulgate an "order" by which swayamsevaks were barred from walking in pairs on the roads of Pinarai. Swayamsevaks were also told to stay away from the village when his uncle came visiting. Is this not the resurrection of untouchability?

And if anyone shows the "temerity" to organise activities without prior approval by the party, the persons concerned would be dealt with ruthlessly in such a fashion that no one else would dare do such a thing thereafter. Gangadharan, a swayamsevak, was done to death a few years ago on the very day he joined duty at the panchayat office at Kallyassery, the home village of the late EK Nayanar, a party stalwart and three-time Chief Minister of Kerala. What was his fault? The party did not want an RSS man in the panchayat office of Nayanar's Kallyassery! Since 1968, 63 Sangh swayamsevaks were killed whereas the Congress lost 40 party workers, and other parties 14 all together, in the CPI(M) attacks in Kannur district alone.

The violence unleashed by the party cadres would put even the jihadi forces to shame. For instance, the way they butchered Pannyannur Chandran, an energetic and promising leader of the BJP, in broad daylight in front of his wife and others, for having contested the election and secured more votes, belying the expectations of the CPI(M); the macabre hacking to death of Jayakrishnan Master, the State vice-President of the Bharatiya Yuva Morcha, on December 1, 1999, in front of his students while teaching all go to prove that the CPI(M)'s culture is counter to the Indian ethos.

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