Friday, March 14, 2008

CPM's killing fields: Singur, Nandigram

Intellectuals launch website on Nandigram
Express news service
Posted online: Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 0134 hrs IST
Kolkata, March 14

The Forum of Artistes, Cultural Activists and Intellectuals has launched a website that documents its convention in the backdrop of the land acquisition in Singur and Nandigram.

The Forum had offered a non-political platform for citizens of Kolkata to protest against the anti-people policies of the state government. The website is a telling account of the experiences of the Forum members in Nandigram and Singur and their perspective on the government policies. The logo has been designed by artist Suvaprasanna and the Forum is planning to start a guest column where eminent personalities can voice their opinions. “It will help spread awareness about these issues. But we will not limit the website to Singur and Nandigram. It will contain information on programmes taken up by the Forum,” said theatre personality Bibhash Chakrabarty.

The “objective” reads: “the West Bengal Government of late has been forcibly acquiring rich arable agricultural green lands in the various parts of the state on the false pretext of industrialisation and development. All of those people who have refused or rejected this heinous scheme of the government, and have been raising their voices against this undemocratic procedure of land acquisition, are being victimised by administrative and police repression, brutalised by the cadres of the ruling party.”

In the website, the Forum has accused the government of proceeding in a “fascist-like manner to silence all voices of dissent and conducting a shameless campaign of lies”. Writer Mahasweta Devi, actor Aparna Sen, theatre director Bratya Basu, academicians Amlan Dutta and Santosh Bhattacharya are among the members of the Forum.


Basudeb said...

How true and exhaustive.
Horror of horror and what else can we expect from a fascist party like CPI(M) and the runs.
I've e-mailed the website to over hundred people abroad---as they are not aware of the website----and I'll
expect some of them to post their comments.

chandan said...

মমোতা কি চাইছে West Bengal এর লোক বুঝেও এখনো কেন চুপ করে সঞ্ছ করছে মমোতার এই সুযোগ সনধানি দূরনীতি. ওর যন্য গোটা West Bengal এর মানুষ তথা পরবরতি প্রজনমের ভবিষ্যত কেনইবা অনধকারময় হতে দেয়া হবে? বাংলার মানুষ এবার জাগো .

Basudeb Banerjee said...

Much water has flowed over our beloved Hoogly and lot of truth----unlike our arrogant CM----has been said and written on both Nandigram+Singur;but a fool does not understand when the truth hearts.
The movement is not action and now action is required.Lets all join to bring the arrogant CM to book with the truth and nothing but the truth.It can be done and must be done.